August 13, 2020

Venice Casino

Venice Casino: world’s oldest

The Casino in Venice is the oldest gambling house in the world, having been founded in 1638 because of the high commercial trade that has always made the city a great capital of international trade. The Venice Casino has always been considered a necessary hub and leisure point for all passing traders and entrepreneurs: a feature that has continued over the centuries. In 1946 the municipality of the city bought the palace Ca’ Vendramin Calergi in order to transfer the headquarters of the Casino in Venice, making it one of the most artistic and fascinating casinos ever.


Among the different tournaments taking place at the Casino in Venice stands out the Poker Hour, the poker tournament organized by the same gaming room. This event attracts hundreds of players in every programming and is a major event. From the Venice Casino itself, the world’s most important satellites and poker tournaments such as the WPT (World Poker Tour), EPT (European Poker Tour) and IPT (Italian Poker Tour) pass annually. The Venice Casino also features national tournaments by Chemin De Fer.

Casino Games

Venice casino

Among the game specialties offered by the Casino in Venice are both board games and slots. To compose the list of board games we have the Roulette French, Chemin De Fer, Trente Quarante, Fair Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Punto Banco. In addition to board games, the Casino in Venice has as many as 700 slot machines distributed between the casino’s two locations and which feature progressive millionaire jackpots. Consider that the players of the Casino of Venice won about 350 million euros in the first ten months of the year, with an average of almost 70 thousand euros every hour.

General Information

If you want to personally visit the magnificent gaming environments of the Casino in Venice, you can count on a valuable hospitality service, consisting of contracted hotels and high-quality restaurants and with excellent Italian cuisine. Once you arrive at the Casino in Venice you can ask the reception to receive the “hotel hospitality kit”. It is a series of excellent hotels and local hotels affiliated with the Casino of Venice, which will be happy to provide you with the maximum comfort for your stay in the city. Finally, the same casino features two luxury restaurants: Ca’ Noghera Restaurant and Wagner Restaurant.