August 10, 2022

Different Jackpots in Online Casinos

Millions of gamblers worldwide instantly turn their heads when someone mentions “jackpot,” partly because this is their top overall goal. Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise as most gamblers do so hoping to win money, and nothing conjures up the feeling of winning money like the word jackpot. It is undoubtedly a term in the casino industry, and in recent years, the explosive growth of internet gaming has only added to its significance.

There is fierce competition among online casino game sites, meaning each one must work extra hard to draw in new players. One of the most effective strategies is to gush endlessly about jackpots, mainly because this word implies that enormous prizes are up for grabs.

In truth, there are two primary types of online casino jackpots: conventional jackpots and progressive jackpots. Both have benefits and disadvantages, so it’s critical to have a balanced perspective on both. Continue reading to learn more about the two primary categories of online casino jackpots.

Regular jackpots

Standard online casino jackpots are unquestionably the most prevalent in the enormous online casino market, mainly because they are available in almost every game that can be played at least as a base prize. Standard jackpots can come in various sizes and forms, but the most important thing to remember is that they are permanently fixed, regardless of how many bets are placed, either losing or winning. Standard jackpots are a little more elusive in the realm of online slots because many games have multipliers, meaning that the size of your wager determines the final prize.

On jackpot-specific online slot games, numerous slot machines feature a tiered jackpot structure, often with a Mini, Major, and Mega jackpot. Standard jackpots may be easily found in other parts of the online casino world, where games like bingo and table games like blackjack or poker all have their common jackpots.

Advancing jackpots

If you thought average jackpots were thrilling, wait till you hear about progressive jackpots since, in the twenty-first century, these are the things that excite online casino gamblers. A progressive jackpot, which may frequently reach stratospheric sizes, is an unfixed payout that grows after each unsuccessful wager.

Additionally, the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot is the most well-known example of a progressive jackpot that is connected to a network today. Progressive jackpots can be enormous; the most significant jackpot ever won on an online slot machine was a £13.2 million prize won by an ex-British soldier named Jon Heywood through the Microgaming classic Mega Moolah. Just picture the expression on his face!

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