August 13, 2020

Casinos in Italy

Casinos in Italy enjoy a great tradition, which starts from the renaissance and reaches to the present day. For example, the Venice Casino was a successful leisure spot because of the large commercial trades that the city has always boasted. As for the other licensed casinos in Italy i.e. those of Sanremo, Saint Vincent and Champion of Italy, each of these boasts a special history that makes it special. The Sanremo casino was in fact the scene of the Festival of Italian Song until 1976, before the event moved to today’s Ariston. At the beginning of the century, the Casino di Campione d’Italia hosted some secret meetings between war spies, which helped to win the world war. In short, the great casino halls in Italy have always been at the center of worldly life, for one reason or another, and today they continue to operate in the continuity of traditions.

The Royal Casinos in Italy

There are only four casinos in Italy authorized to operate on our territory Casino sanremo, Casino di Venezia, Casino De la Vallée (Saint VIncent), Casino Champion. Each of these gaming rooms began offering the possibility of gambling several years ago and under special ad hoc laws. In fact, the fact that there are only four casinos in Italy, a country of bettors, seems to be a contradiction. The reasons that led to the exclusivity of these four cities can ironically be considered as a feature of our country.

The Arrival of Casino Online

Italian casinos onlineA great “historic” breakthrough for the history of casinos in Italy has been with the liberalization of the cash game and therefore of online casino games. In fact, before July 18, 2011 (the date when the legalization of Italian online casinos actually started), to play casino in Italy it was necessarily necessary to go to a real gaming room among those described above, while with online casinos almost everything was revolutionized. Any adult with an internet connection, today can sign up and play for real money in an online casino and enter on roulette “rooms”, blackjack, poker, baccarat, dice and soon even slot machines. Casinos in Italy, however, are necessarily subject to strong regulations set by AAMS, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopoly, which controls the effective fairness and transparency of the gaming portals and the companies that activate them.

Regulation of online slot machines

Book of Ra slot machine online

Italian online casinos have long been waiting for the regulation of online slot machines in order to be able to compete more and more determinedly with the growing market of .com platforms that despite being illegal in Italy are used continuously by many Italian players. Until before December 3, 2012, a typical Italian casino that had acquired an AAMS license for online gaming was in great difficulty to compete with the game offer made by the .com platform since it was not able to offer the most popular games on the net that are undoubtedly slot machines. The Italian online casinos in this way put themselves on par with the most important unlicensed competitors AAMS and the game offer has become really important. It could be said that this regulation of online slots at the end of 2012 was just as important as the one slightly older than 2011 for Italian online casinos, when the online game was regulated throughout Italy and many other states then followed the example of the Peninsula. An Italian casino finally does not have a limited playground, but rather can offer everything that an experienced or novice player can want and all in full safety. Italian online casinos with many online slot machines on their platforms have revolutionized the online gaming market.

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