August 13, 2020

Blackjack Strategy

The blackjack strategy is key as it allows you to limit the dealer’s winning margins (our only opponent) to the maximum. This factor is one of the elements that make this specialty the favorite game of the casino professionals, as it not only puts up with luck but above all the strategy. The blackjack strategy reduces the house’s margin of advantage from 2% to 0.5%. In the following article at best roulette online uk, we provide you with some practical examples to be able to greatly improve the game of any beginner.

The basics of blackjack strategy

Take note of these important basics of blackjack strategy:

  • Hit if the desk shows 2 or 3 and you own 12
  • Always stop with a 17 hard or higher regardless of what the dealer shows
  • Always double with a 10-11 if the desk shows a card from 2 to 9
  • Always ask for split with two axes or two 8
  • Never split two 5 or two 10

How to Invest in The Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a game where you have a minute to win and beat the only opponent: the dealer. The first thing to establish in a good blackjack strategy is to establish a bankroll, that is, a predetermined amount to invest in the game. If we play one euro per game, then the bankroll must be at least 400 euros, with at least 50 euros played per session. If you can play with less, such as 0.50 euros, then the investment blackjack strategy advises you to organize a bankroll of 200 euros.

The amount of the bet in the blackjack strategy

A very important factor to consider in the strategy of blackjack the amount of the bet. Increasing or decreasing the amount of the bet can be the key to your success. When you win, the blackjack strategy recommends increasing your bet and reducing it when you lose. The increase is expected to be about 25%. For example, if you play 5th per game, the blackjack strategy recommends increasing to 7th when you win a hand. If you win again, play 9th or 10th, while if you lose you should go back to 5th.

The queen of blackjack strategy: the counting of cards

The blackjack strategy for “counting cards” means “storing” them as much as possible. In fact, you must immediately make a distinction between the different blackjack tables:

Tables with software game (both single deck and with multiple decks of cards)

Live multiplayer tables

To memorize cards, it’s important that they come out quite a bit, and for this to happen, other players need to be involved in the game (in order to see as many cards as possible) and to play with a small number of decks (ideally with a single deck, that is, a single deck). The strategy of blackjack in this case says to count as 1 cards from 2 to 6 and -1 cards from 7 to 9. You start counting since the cards were dealt and you consider the cards that have come out since the last time the deck was shuffled. If you are positive, the blackjack strategy recommends increasing the bet, otherwise you will decrease it.